TCAF 2019: Volunteer Sign-Up
It's that time of year again! Please fill out the questions below to register as a volunteer for TCAF 2019 (May 11 & 12). Further instructions await you once you complete the form.

Volunteers are a key part of TCAF. We literally could not put on this event without you! Every year, attendees and guests comment on the spectacular work our volunteers do -- we're excited for you to take part in that tradition.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to fill out this form and for whatever you end up doing for the festival. We're looking forward to having you there!

Have fun and don't stress out too much over your answers!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Stephanie Cooke at

First Name *
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Last Name *
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If different from the name given above, what would you prefer to be called during TCAF?
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How old will you be on the weekend of May 11 & 12, 2019? *
Please note that there are very limited opportunities for volunteers who are 12 years old or younger. If that’s you, we may need to ask you to co-volunteer with a parent or guardian. Feel free to sign up, and we’ll get in touch with you and your parent/guardian to discuss. Also, please note that volunteers who are 17 years old or younger must provide the name and email address of a parent or guardian as their emergency contact. We will be contacting parents/guardians to let them know that you’ve signed up to volunteer.
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Email *
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Please provide the name of someone whom we should contact in case of emergency. *
For those 17 years old or younger, please provide the name of a parent or guardian here.
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Please provide a phone number for your emergency contact. *
Ideally this should be one that they would answer on a weekend during the day.
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How is your emergency contact related to you? *
e.g. father, grandmother, friend, fiancé…
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If you’re 17 or younger, please provide an email address for your emergency contact.
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If you own/have access to a cell phone that you would be able to carry with you and use during the Festival, what is that cell phone number?
Cell phones are a great tool for TCAF volunteers. If you can bring and use one, I recommend it!
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I have accessibility and/or medical needs (disability, diagnosis, neurodivergence, chronic illness, etc.) that affect the ways I will contribute to TCAF. Here’s what I need you to know so I can have a great and safe time.
Please also specifiy what you would or would not like disclosed to your head volunteer/staff member
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Please list any languages, other than English, that you speak fluently or almost fluently, and that you are confident and comfortable speaking.
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Will you be using the TCAF 2019 volunteering opportunity towards the Ontario requirement for high school volunteer hours? *
Do you have a valid Driver's License and would you be able to drive short errands for TCAF? Errands would include things like airport runs and short deliveries or pick ups. *
If so, do you own/have access to a car to run these errands with?
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Have you ever volunteered for TCAF before? What year(s)? *
If you have volunteered in previous years: welcome back! The space below is for you to to let us know what stations you worked at, who you worked with, and whether you want to do the same thing this time or something else.
If 2018 will be your first time, then this question doesn’t apply to you.
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What size t-shirt should we order for you? *
We usually get American Apparel shirts, if that’s any help to you picking a size. Please know that we order shirts in quantities based on the sizing you fill out here. Choose wisely!
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