STEM Survey- 5 Minutes
The STEM Advisory Council, created by the Nevada Legislature in AB485, is charged with developing a statewide strategic plan for STEM education, workforce development, college preparedness and economic development. In order to better understand the current efforts, successes, challenges, and barriers to teaching STEM education in Nevada's K-12 schools, the STEM Advisory Council created this brief survey. Your input will assist the Council develop recommendations to improve the delivery of STEM education in Nevada.


STEM is defined by the Nevada State Board of Education as education that focuses on active teaching and learning, centered on relevant experiences, problem-solving, and critical thinking processes. STEM education emphasizes the natural interconnectedness of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and their connection to other disciplines, to produce informed citizens that possess and apply the necessary understandings to expand Nevada's STEM-capable workforce in order to compete in a global society.

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