VA Healthcare Reform Questionnaire
A questionnaire for veterans and veteran supporters. This questionnaire will be used to draft a proposal to Congress to actually reform the VA system. This is not sponsored by any government agency or special interest group. It is the sole idea of a concerned veteran that has had it with Congressional dragging of their feet regarding our veterans. No personally identifiable information will be collected. You will be asked for your email but you do not have to supply this if you don't want to. But if you wish to be kept informed of the progress or lack thereof your email will not be revealed to anyone. Your email will to be published, sold or otherwise disclosed to anyone.
Is Congress doing enough to reform the VA healthcare system? *
Rate the level of satisfaction of the VA Healthcare system. *
If you use the VA Healthcare System how far are you away from the nearest facility *
What state are you in? *
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Gender *
Branch of Service *
What is your opinion of the Veterans Choice Program. *
Do you believe that Veterans should be able to use local hospitals/clinics including choosing their own Doctor and the VA pick up the bill just as if they had private insurance? *
Do you have any ideas or suggestions for improving the VA Healthcare System *
If you answered yes to previous question please put your ideas/suggestions here. Otherwise just leave this part blank. Please keep it civil.
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Do you wish to be kept informed of the progress or lack thereof, of this effort for VA reform? *
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