Historize This! (working title)
Hello and thank you for your interest in joining the team!

Historize This! is a free interactive learning website with a primary aim to discuss history issues that impact society. History is always happening and changing, so understanding issues being faced today is vital.

In Historize This!, there will be multiple ways for users to learn and interact with the materials. The central idea to teach others is through short (2-10 minutes) animated videos. After the lessons, there will be small quizzes where the learner can gain points when choosing the correct answer. The points earned can be exchanged for rewards inside the app. This system is similar to Duolingo, Khan Academy, and other well-known video games. Besides the lessons, there will be a forum section where users can discuss various topics together and connect with others. Also, there will be a blog section where people on the team can write articles on diverse subjects as an alternate way to teach others.

While creating the website, writers and designers can create small Instagram posts to market the website and preview what to expect of its launch.

Please understand that if you are chosen, you are willing to commit to this opportunity.

Good luck :)
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