Kerrisdale Studio Closing
Dear Kerrisdale Student,
Thank you for sharing your yoga practice with us at our studio in Kerrisdale these past four years. Unfortunately, this location has never flourished as much as we hoped. The Kerrisdale studio has been losing money since it opened, and we’ve only been able to keep it going due to the strength of the other locations on Main Street and Commercial Drive. But this can no longer continue - as a business, we need to consider the viability of all our studios.

It is with heavy hearts that we must inform you that our lease for the Kerrisdale studio is ending and the studio will be closed as of Dec 31st, 2017.

The good news is that we will be moving most of the Kerrisdale classes with your same favourite teachers to the Main Street studios in the new year. Our hope is that you will continue to practice with us in 2018.
We have been searching for premises for another studio in neighbourhoods east of Kerrisdale, closer to the Main Street studios, but hopefully also close enough to Kerrisdale that it will still be convenient for you. We will continue our search into the new year, and we are open to suggestions, if you see anything for lease that might be suitable.
We sincerely hope this transition is simply part of a continuous journey of growth and peace. Our journey changes but never ends at this place.
Thank you for your ongoing support and for sharing your practice with us. If you can, please answer the questions below so we can help you with this transition.

Hogan, Georgina, teachers and staff at Open Door Yoga

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If you know of a space East of Kerrisdale that we can check out to move our location to please let us know the address and phone number of the leasing agent. We are still open to looking at spaces for opening a new studio at a later date!
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Please take a look at our proposed schedule for the Main st. studios in the link below that will include most of the Kerr classes Note that we will have classes during the holiday season!
We do invite you to continue your practice with us but if you would like to cancel your pass as of Jan 1st 2018, please check all that apply below:
If you have any further comments or questions, please add below.
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We would also like to invite you to our Closing Ceremony & Holiday Party on December 16th, from 12:300-3:00pm which will be held at Kerrisdale Studio. RSVP link
Thank you again for your continued support and love while practicing at our Kerrisdale Studio, we hope you will continue to join us as we start a new!
With much love,
Open Door Yoga
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