XQ+RI Design Days: Registration
The XQ+RI Challenge supports community teams as they redesign school environments so when students graduate, they are prepared and empowered to be inventors of their own learning paths, careers, and adult lives. School design teams will be expected to engage students, families, community, and higher education partners--as well as district educators--in their efforts.

The challenge begins with the XQ+RI Design Days! Design Days are an important first step in any school community's effort to join the XQ+RI effort and reimagine their high school. Successful school design teams will engage a diverse range of stakeholders, and will come to the table ready to learn, challenge conventional approaches, and think differently about how we deliver services to students so that every young person in Rhode Island can be prepared for the future.

Individuals and/or school teams only need to sign up for one of the four Design Days. For school teams, please ensure each participant is registering individually.

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