Performance Registration 2018
The International Festival committee is very appreciative that you are volunteering to perform on our event. THANK YOU!!

The main goal of the International Festival volunteers is to make sure that the diversity of our school is well represented during the performance portion of the International Festival. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE WILL SELECT ONLY ONE PERFORMANCE PER COUNTRY.

BEFORE registering your performer(s) please review the following performance requirements:

1. Last day to register your performance is FEBRUARY 28th. It is required that a representative of each performance fills out this google form in order to be considered.

2. All solo performers must be Bridge school students.

3. All group performers must have at least one Bridge school student in the group.

4. Acceptable performances include:
a. A traditional dance, with proper attire
b. Playing/singing traditional music (using traditional instruments only).
c. Martial Arts presentation

WE ARE SORRY but requests for a classical instruments solo/group's performance will not be accepted, as this kind of performance will be appropriate for the Bridge Talent show.

5. Performance time limits:
a. up to 2 minutes for a solo performer, or
b. up to 3 minutes for a group of performers.

6. A video showing the intended performer(s)’ show is requested but optional
a. Please notice, the video does not need to be professional and performers don't have to be dressed in character.

Please visit our web page at If you would like to know "How we will be choosing Performers for the International Festival?"

The performers subcommittee volunteers appreciate your understanding and the following of these rules as we try to be as inclusive and fair as possible. If you have any additional questions or problems filling up this form please contact us at

Thank you!

The International Festival Volunteers

About your country
Which country you are representing? *
Please note that to make sure the diversity of our school is well represented WE WILL ACCEPT ONLY ONE PERFORMANCE PER COUNTRY. In the case we get more than one submission for the same country, a lottery will be held to choose a single performance and managers will be notified of the results by March, 1st. Thank you for your understanding.
About your performance
Let us know more about your planned performance *
What kind of performance you are planning? *
Please notice that in case than in case more than one performer from the same country registers, solo performances by Bridge students would be given preference over groups that include less than 60% of Bridge students.
Group Performance Only - How many kids are part of your group?
All performers and managers will receive free admission to the International Festival.
Group Performance Only - How many kids in your group are students at Bridge School?
Upload the video your planned performance at the International Festival
Video is optional however the committee will give preference to performers that summit video by the registration due date. If you have trouble uploading your video here, please sent it to, subject: Performance Registration - Video
About your contact information
Please let us know who is the Manager or contact person? *
We will contact this person to confirm their participation on the International Festival, details about lottery (if this is the case), and other important information. It is OK and encouraged to name more than one person as the manager.
Email address *
Please include the email addresses of all the managers.
Thank you!
Please visit our web page at if you would like to know "How we will be choosing Performers for the International Festival?"
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