Register for Transforming 2 Day ( 4+4 Hrs) Food/Terrace Gardening workshop by Hemal Patel
For Gardening it is important to know about plants, what is their basic need ? What is their food ? Why they become weak and because of this weakness why insects attacks them? Plant grows but why they could not produce fruits/flowers? lots and lots of things.

Is it possible to successfully setup Food garden at terrance, balcony, society, where you can produce your own vegetables, fruits, flowers ?

Yes ! Definately !

2 day Workshop through which you can design & integrate your own terrace garden based on Organic & Natural principles.

To know more go through details below and fill up form to register for 2 Day workshop

Foundation of Organic Gardening, basics of Soil & Plants covered in workshop. Workshop covers basics of Soil Science, Ecology, Composting, Mulching, Green Manures, Insect Management, Planting Seasons & much more to design & manage your very own Garden. After this Workshop anyone with even zero knowledge on Organic Gardening can setup food garden in terrace or balcony or backyard in a easy & simple manner.

In Urban locations & cities huge terrace space area is vacant. This space is utilized now-a-days for growing vegetables & Fruits by several conscious citizens.

A Terrace Garden is beneficial to urban family or housing society in a way to accommodate 100% house wet waste generated every day. In other words a terrace garden is feeder of urban waste at the place of waste generated.

After waste a terrace garden avoid formation of heat island. A heat island is a terrace which is open to Sunlight & heats up constantly throughout the day. This sinks the heat towards the residence area underneath the terrace.

When a terrace garden matures above a terrace the heat island become cooling island. Apart from these 2 great benefits a Terrace Garden serves as ANNARAI(Food for all). It gives food to owner family as well as to several insects, earthworms, honeybees & birds.

More than 10 such terrace gardens are running & productive in Pune. UrbanSoil designs & integrates Organic Terrace Gardens for anyone who would like to take above benefits for Terrace Garden.

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