Jolly Thinkers 桌遊服務 報價查詢申請 Quotation Request for Boardgaming Service
Jolly Thinkers 可以為你提供度身訂造的桌遊服務!歡迎先讓我們知道你的初步計畫,讓溝通更有效率! We offer tailor-made service. Please provide us with some ideas of your plan for more efficient communication. :)
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I. 基本資料 Basic Information
請讓我們了解合作夥伴和活動計畫的可能性 :) Please help us know more about your organisation and the possibilities of the activity plan.
查詢人姓名 Name of Enquirer
你代表哪機構查詢? Which organisation are you representing? *
活動地點 Activity Venue *
小貼士:根據過往參與者的反應,在我們《空中棋園》進行,參與者會更專心和投入,亦樂於即時接觸更多桌遊資源! Tip: According to our experience and feedback from participants, holding an event at our centres increases participation and attention, and participants are more inspired by the abundant boardgaming resources.
活動日期 Tentative Date(s) *
小貼士:我們會盡量為你預留時間,若不幸撞了期也能盡早通知你啊! Tip: We would like to reserve our time for you; and if just in case of time clash, you can let you know asap.
活動節數 Program Duration *
小貼士:一般而言,體驗課程6節較全面,領袖課程最少8課。 Tip: Generally speaking an introductory course best consists of at least 6 sessions while leadership training 10.
每節時長 Session Duration *
小貼士:單一活動最少2小時會較合適;連續課堂則每節最短75分鐘為佳。 Tip: A single session best lasts at least 2 hrs; for programs, each session best lasts 75-90 minutes.
II. 活動內容 Contents
According to the various needs of the participants, they can learn about boardgaming from different perspectives and also improve their various personal aspects through boardgaming.
活動主題 *
活動對象 Participants *
小貼士:註明身分,如學生/教師/家長/社工/其他;請稍作背景介紹,如年級/年齡、所屬組別等 Tip: Please state their role and identity, e.g. students, teachers, parents, social workers etc. with a brief intro to their background, e.g. grade, age, group etc.
人數及預期師生比例 Size of participants and participant-instructor ratio *
小貼士:若參加者較年幼和有特殊需要,建議師生比例不高於1:5-6;一般廣東話活動一般1:10;英語培訓活動一般1:6。 Tip: For youn kids or participants with special needs, 1:5-6 ratio is recommended. General activities conducted in Cantonese - 1:10; language-learning programs: 1:6.
教學語言 Medium of Instruction *
謝謝查詢!我們會盡快回覆!Thank you! We'll get back to you as soon as possible.
除了電郵,也希望能電話聯絡 (請留電話號碼及方便通話時間) Besides email, I would like to be reached by phone. (Please leave your telephone number and preferred call time.)
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