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Sciter survey
Hi developer! This is a short questionnaire about how you've been using Sciter technology. In return, two random person will prize one Omni and one OmniCode license.
Where are you from (country/city)?
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Can you tell in just a few words why you've choosen to work with Sciter?
Your answer
How long have you been working with Sciter technology?
For what platforms do you target your Sciter development?
What is your main Operating System for coding/developing?
What is your IDE?
How do you evaluate Sciter's documentation?
How do you evaluate Sciter's forums support?
I don't use it
Which bindings/native-language do you use for Sciter development?
What others desktop technologies do you also work with?
Sciter as a desktop UI platform allows to interop 'native' solutions (with system programming). Can you list problems you are solving with Sciter UI + native interop/libraries?
Which are the main aspects needed in your UI/UX design when developing with Sciter?
What is your skill in HTML programming?
What is your skill in CSS programming?
What is your skill in JavaScript programming?
What is your skill in TIScript programming?
Would you be interested in video lectures about Sciter development?
If desired, leave us any comment.
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Leave your name and e-mail to compete for one Omni and one OmniCode license
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Good luck! MI Software
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