SEB Parent Survey
Dear Parents/Guardians,
The Arthur SEB (Social Emotional Behavioral) team is always looking for ways to improve our program to best support our students and improve our communication with parents. We appreciate your involvement in your child(ren)’s learning, so we thank you for taking a few minutes to fill this survey out. Your feedback is valuable to us!

If you received more than one survey because you have more than one child at Arthur, please return only one per household.
1. What grade(s) is your child(ren) in?
2. The staff at Arthur use positive strategies on a regular basis to discuss/work with students in regards to behavior expectations.
3. I believe the use of positive strategies at Arthur have a positive impact on my child(ren)’s academic achievements.
4. My child(ren) feels safe at school.
5. I find it easy to understand the behavior expectations for my child(ren) at Arthur.
6. I receive information on a regular basis about how my child(ren) is doing in regards to behavior expectations at Arthur.
7. I believe the school has clearly explained the Social Emotional Behavioral system that is currently in place.
8. I believe my child(ren) is reinforced appropriately when he/she follows the school expectations and rules.
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