Podcast pitch
I'm looking for amazing experts in the field of education to be guests on The School Success Podcast. The podcast's primary audience will be parents but teachers and students will probably listen too. It will cover everything that affects the educational outcomes of secondary age children - but with emphasis on 15-18 year olds.

What I'm looking for:
- You have a proven track record in what you do
- You have a website, book or social media that I can send my listeners to for more information
- You're happy to have an honest and indepth conversation that will genuinely help families and isn't just a sales pitch for your stuff!

If you'd like to submit a pitch to be interviewed on The School Success Formula please complete the form below.

If I like your idea I'll get in touch with a link to book a time to record your episode. All the recordings will take place over skype.

I look forward to our conversation!


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