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Gan Aviv strives to accommodate each child’s needs and understands that every baby has a different pattern of eating. In most cases, we believe that feeding “on cue” is the healthiest way to eat. In other words, we will feed your infant when s/he shows signs of being hungry, and we will stop feeding when s/he shows signs of being full.
The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until about 6 months of age before starting solid foods. We only bottle-feed infants less than 6 months with mother’s milk or formula (no water or juice unless requested by a physician). Infants over 4-6 months are spoon-fed age-appropriate solid foods and given water, in addition to breast milk/formula, when they are able to drink from a cup.
Parents are required to provide clean, labeled bottles daily. Labels should be water-resistant and include the infant’s name and the date and time of preparation.
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Babies will go outside: it is the parents' responsibility to apply sunscreen before coming to Gan Aviv. Parents can send in sunscreen from home. Permission to reapply sunscreen if necessary? *
Birthdays at Gan Aviv
When we celebrate birthdays in the baby room, parents may bring in a special birthday treat for the birthday child. They may also bring in for the children in the class. All food items brought into the school in addition to being peanut/nut free, must be purchased from a licensed operating food store, sealed, with a Kosher label affixed to the package. We cannot accept any home-made products into the school.
Permission for your baby to eat birthday treats when celebrated in the Ktantanim Class?
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