Registration for JUST LIKE THAT: Embodied Dancing Knowledge for Justice Movements
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A portion of donations will go toward In the Heart of the Beast Theater.


Tuesday, April 30
6:00-9:00PM at Clouds in Water Zen Center (445 N Farrington St, St. Paul, 55103)

Wednesday, May 1
2:30PM: Meet at Western Sculpture Park (387 Marion St, St. Paul, 55103)
3:00-6:00PM: March for Immigrant & Workers' Rights, from University & Dale to the Capitol
6:00-6:30: Debrief (outdoors)

A two day workshop with Brooklyn-based cultural worker Rosza Daniel Lang/Levitsky

What we know from the dancefloor - at parties and clubs, in the studio and on stage, or in ritual spaces - can be incredibly useful to work we do struggling for social justice. What happens when we take 'the choreography of social movements' seriously, and work to develop it as a way of getting concrete things done?

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This is a two-part workshop. In order to safely apply the tools we learn in direct action, we ask that you attend either A) the first day ONLY, or B) BOTH days -- but NOT the second day only. Will you attend... *
This workshop includes several sections, some of which are outdoors in public space. We also plan to join the March for Immigrant & Workers' Rights on the second day. Are there any safety concerns, access needs, or other things you would like for us to be aware of?
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