School Lunch Survey for Remaining School Year
Plains ISD is concerned about the shutting down of school affecting our students' breakfast/lunch meals and concerned that this might put a strain on families at this present time. We are willing to still do a free meal program for the children, but we need some information. This program is available to ALL children school age and below who live in our district. If you know of parents who have children younger than school age who would not know about this possibility, please share this information with them. Please fill out this survey to help us prepare for this possibility that would start Monday, March 30th.
Do you live inside or outside the City of Plains? *
Living in Plains, would it be possible for the child(ren) to walk or get a ride to school to pick up brown bag meals as a "grab and go" program? They would not be able to stay in the cafeteria and eat. Each bag would contain breakfast and lunch. *
If it would be easier, we could include more than one day in each bag up to a week. They may need to be refrigerated, however. Would you prefer this? *
This service would be available to all children, school-age or under, living with you whether they have started school yet or not. Please list the number of meals you would need per day. *
We do need your name and the names of your children to make sure who we have and who we still need to contact. Please list below along with a contact phone number. *
Would you be interested in having meals delivered to your home if living outside the city of Plains? This would be the delivery of a bag meal with breakfast and lunch included for multiple days. The meals would probably need to be refrigerated. *
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