2020 Amateo Award Application Form
Have a quick look at our rules and guidelines to check your eligibility for the Amateo Award - http://bit.ly/AA20TCs
Then fill in this short form and submit by 5pm (CET), Tuesday 31 March 2020.

If you have any questions email award@amateo.org
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1. Enter the details of your group, event or project below:
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2. Which nation are your activities normally based in: *
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3. The Amateo Awards celebrate excellence in the voluntary and amateur arts meaning those activities led by the community for their own benefit. To be eligible you must be able to answer YES * to the following questions.
Our project/initiative is led by and involves people who participate for the love of it and on an amateur basis. *
Any paid staff we involve are neither the main nor the sole decision makers, either creatively or organisationally. *
Our project activity took place in an EU nation or programme country. *
We do welcome projects that partner with professionally-led organisations and any volunteer-led projects that may have been set up by professionally-led organisations as long as the project is now operating independently.
Thank you for helping us keep the awards true to their aim of celebrating excellence in the voluntary and amateur arts!
4. The Amateo Awards are about recognising inspiring groups and initiatives that have made a big impact on their community. We would like to know:
*What happened? Who was involved? Where did the initiative take place?
*What was great about your initiative from your perspective and that of your participants/audience?
*Did it increase participation in your group or art form?
*Did it cross borders in some way? (This is not a requirement but we are especially interested to hear about initiatives that involved more than one European nation).
Tell us about it in 500 words or less: *
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5. Share your website and social media details below:
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6. Please e-mail one image that reflects your project, event or group to award@amateo.org, including the name of your project in the file name. You can also e-mail file sharing links if the image is too large.
I have read the application guidelines and confirm that:
* All the information in the application is correct to the best of my knowledge.
*By submitting this completed form I agree to all the information (excluding personal contact information) being published on the Amateo website and any publicity material attached to the awards & the Amateo network.
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Thank-you and GOOD LUCK!
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