Youth Environmental Summit Leadership Application 2019-2020
Welcome to the student leadership application for Delaware's Youth Environmental Summit (YES)! We are so excited that you are taking initiative to be part of this First Annual Student-Led Summit.

The vision of the Youth Environmental Summit is to empower, educate, inform, and activate high school and middle school students statewide regarding leadership in sustainability, zero waste principles, green school initiatives, climate change ramifications, activism, and advocacy.

We want the conference to be created and led by wonderful students such as yourself! Tentatively, the summit is planned to occur at Del-Tech campus in Dover on 02/28.

We have not yet finalized the exact structure of the summit because we want you to have input in the creation of it. However, we anticipate having a poster and/or art competition, student-led workshops, a student keynote speaker, and opportunities for DE students to collaborate on action plans for their school and community.

STUDENT APPLICATION DUE DATE: Monday, September 30, 2019
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