Biomedical Zone Startup Application
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Section 1: Overview
1. Company's name and address as per articles of incorporation and business registration number. *
2. Full names and titles of core team members who will reside in the Biomedical Zone. Please note how many hours per week each person will spend in the Biomedical Zone. *
3a. Is you company insured, including liability of $2 million or above? (Insurance coverage information is required) *
3b. *If not, do you understand that you will need to secure $2M in liability insurance with St.Michael's Hospital and Ryerson University, if accepted as a Biomedical Zone resident? *
4a. What is the problem you are solving? *
4b. What is your solution and competitive advantage? (Please describe how your solution is unique) *
4c. Does your company require validation or a pilot study in a clinical setting? *
5. How do you see yourself and your company engaging with the Biomedical Zone community? (eg. what are your areas of expertise, domain expertise, training sessions you could lead, referring mentors/advisors/investors/resources, to other founders etc.) *
6. Have you been a part of any other innovation centers (incubator or accelerator programs):
Please note any milestones achieved during your time with the incubator (if applicable).
Section 2: Technology
7. What sector is your technology? *
8. At what stage is your technology? (Select one) *
9. At what stage is your solution on the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) scale? *
Section 3: Financials
10. How much funding have you raised in the last two years? Please list the amount for dilutive, and amount for non-dilutive, and your current and expected burn rate for the year ahead. *
11. Business model: What is your revenue model? Who is your payer? Who is your target user? In what setting (eg. acute care, community, home, etc.)? *
Section 4: Why the Biomedical Zone?
12. Why do you want to be at the Biomedical Zone? What are your company's goals/expectations one year from now? *
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