SCOPE Conference Check-In
It's time to check-in for next week's SCOPE Conference! Be sure to provide your accurate email address, which will be used to identify you as you enter the conference. GUEST POLICY: Guests at conferences are defined as friends/family of paid participants without company affiliations. Any unregistered guests will be denied. In order to ensure the integrity of the conference, please do not sure any links or information with others. Any one who violates this policy will be charged for the Group Rate of $499.00. Please do NOT allow guest to use your access links to any sessions.
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Let's Us Know the Sessions of Your Interest
While you are not locked into the schedule, we would like for our presenters to have an idea of how many participants may be attending their session. Please complete the questions below based on your current interest. Please note the offerings are subject to adjustment due to unforeseen circumstances.
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