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Thank you so much for your interest to film/photograph in Grand Park. All film/photo shoots are unique and have different needs. Filling out this form alerts the team your request to film/photograph in the park. Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability and someone will get back to you shortly upon your submission.

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Some quick facts about film shoots in Grand Park before we begin
- Grand Park is a County Park and does not fall under the City of LA's jurisdiction, so some of the filming rules may be slightly different.

-Generators are not allowed in the park. Grand Park does have available power through out the park (a 3 phase camlock system ranging from 300-600amps per location). If a generator is necessary, it will need to be placed in the street with proper permits and then cabled into the park.

-Because we are surrounded by Courthouses, we are not able to make amplified noise until after 5pm on weekdays.

-There is no smoking in the park.

-Due to the irrigation system in the lawns, we are not able to stake into the grass. Sand bags, water or concrete ballasts may be used as a substitute when necessary
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