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WORK HABITS AND ATTITUDES: Motivation and energy for self improvement, initiative, enthusiasm, pride in work, adaptability, willingness to learn.
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INTERPERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS—Ability to get along with others, tact, courtesy, ability to contribute to a team effort.
TECHNICAL SKILLS—Overall progress in developing skills and abilities in assigned tasks, given the students training, experience and time in the program.
QUALITY OF WORK ACCOMPLISHED—How accurate, neat, error free and complete is the work?
DEPENDABILITY—Attendance, punctuality, conscientiousness, reliability in meeting commitments.
COMMUNICATION COMPETENCIES—Reading and comprehending, listening and understanding, speaking and writing clearly and in accordance with accepted standards.
MATHEMATICAL AND PROBLEM-SOLVING COMPETENCIES—Numeric and algebraic calculations; problem-solving strategies such as application of the scientific method, statistical analysis and graphing.
APPEARANCE AND GROOMING—Meets standards of decency and cleanliness.
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