Risk Acknowledgment & Disclaimer
Wye Float places safety as a top priority. Wye Float activities involve some risks for the people taking part and our team aim to keep these risks as low as possible. The chances of serious injury are extremely low, but the chance of minor injuries (bruises, bumps and lacerations) are a possible result of taking part in Wye Float activities. Our team will minimize the actual dangers as much as possible, but please read the following safety points and acknowledge them below.

1. I acknowledge that the Wye Float 2023 route consists of a physical and demanding route and there will be a risk of injury when undertaking it. For example, feet and hands can be vulnerable to injury/cuts from the river bed and river banks surrounding.

2. To reduce the risk, I agree to all instructions set out by Wye Float in the safety rules that are detailed below, along with all other instructions given to you by Wye Float Volunteers and the Safety Team.

3. If assuming responsibility for the supervision of anyone under the age of 18 year olds in this agreement I declare that I am aged 18 years or older.

4. I declare, that if I am not their (under 18s) parent or guardian, then I have the authority of the parent or guardian to sign this risk acknowledgement and disclaimer.

5. In the event of an accident, or loss or damage to personal effects belonging to myself, or the children in my care, I acknowledge that Wye Float will not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage or injury arising from, or in connection with, the Wye Float events area, or whilst in the river, or on the river bank, and I waive all and any claims against Wye Float in this respect both for myself and ,or, for the under 18s in my care.

6. I certify that to the best of my knowledge neither I, nor any under 18s in my care,have a medical condition which might make him/ her more likely sustain an injury. To the best of my knowledge I nor any under 18s in my care are not pregnant.

7. I confirm that I will not be able to take part if anyone in my party is under the adverse influence of drink or drugs.

8. I acknowledge that I and the under 18s in my care (if applicable) have received, read, and understood a copy/copies of the Safety Rules in relation to the activity.

9. I understand that Wye Float may photograph, or video participants, at their event. Wye Float may not have the opportunity to ask for my permission, but that Wye Float will try and inform me where possible. 
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Inflatable Float Rules and Regulations

Before starting: 

- All float participants must be at least 12 years old.

- Tie up any long hair, tuck away any necklaces, remove hooped earrings, no open footwear or slip on shoes.

- Any mobile devices such as cameras or mobile phones that you wish to take on the river must be attached to you and secured in a waterproof bag or box. 

- If you are supervising anyone under the age of 18, make sure that you can see clearly at a distance of at least 10m. If you wear glasses, please wear them securely during the event.

- Ensure all of your group can swim at least 25m without any floating aids.

- Event wrist bands must remain on your wrists at all times. 

- Please use designated points to enter or leave the water. 

- Fully inflate your inflatables to the correct pressure (psi) prior to entering the water.

The course:

- Participants must remain on their inflatables at all times.

- Alcohol is prohibited on the river to prevent any health risks or environmental damages. 

- Respect surrounding areas, avoid dropping litter or leaving floats in the river. 

- Look out for other participants and call for help if required.

- Avoid going through bushes, trees or anything which could cause you inflatable to pop or put yourself or others in danger. 

- Buoyancy aids must stay on, and only taken off once on a solid landing point.

- Strictly no diving or jumping along the route. 

Exit Points:

- Please do not pass the exit point. If you do pass the exit point, you do so at your own risk. 

- Listen to the bank based safety staff for instruction on how and where to exit. 

- Exit quickly and move yourself, and your group, away from the river's edge. 

-Report to the volunteers and make them aware you have reached the finish line.

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