Pardes Jewish Meditation Class
Welcome to the Pardes "Experiencing Jewish Meditation" Class with Dr. Mira Neshama Niculescu.

This Semester, the Jewish Meditation class focuses on a spiritual Guide written at the beginning of the twentieth Century by the Piaseczner rebbe , Bnei Machshavah Tovah (the "Sons of the Good thinking").
In this small enlightening book, the rebbe calls us to wake up in the midst of this life, and to cultivate good ways of using our thoughts in contemplative practice, so that we can live fully, and connect to the divine in our everyday lives.

In this class, we will:

* Explore in depth the Spiritual Guide of the Piaseczener through text study
* Move from text to practice, with guided and silent meditation
* Integrate our experience through times for spiritual Chavruta (study partner)

Join us on

Wednesdays for 75 mn
5.15 pmJerusalem
4.15 pm Paris
3.15 pm London
10.15 am NYC
7.15 am LA
Spring Semester (January 27 till May 26, 2021, with a break during Pessach)
Place: Zoom (link will be sent upon registration)
Cost: Pardes students: 350 NIS (106$)
Cost:Students non currently enrolled at Pardes: 450 NIS (137$)

We believe finances shouldn't get in the way of your practice. If budget is an issue, please contact us for scholarship inquiries at or 972 58 701 2113

Upon registration, you will receive an email with a zoom link and an invitation to be paired with a Chavrutah.
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