Legalization of cannabis survey
The federal government has introduced legislation to legalize cannabis mid-2018. The City of Wetaskiwin is now working to update its bylaws, policies and processes to respond to these changes. We are seeking your input in various areas.
The decision to legalize cannabis came in April 2017 with the federal government introducing a bill to legalize non-medical (recreational) cannabis. The federal bill outlines a framework for regulating cannabis production, and sets standards for health and safety, establishes criminal prohibitions, and clarifies what aspects of the regulations are the responsibility of provincial governments. In February 2018, the provincial government released legislation and regulations about cannabis legalization.

The Government of Alberta has since introduced their own bill (Bill 26) to further control and regulate cannabis based on the Federal Government's framework. Bill 26 identifies the roles and responsibilities of municipalities in the legalization of cannabis.

The table below shows which areas of legalization the federal, provincial, and municipal governments are responsible for.

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