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We would like to express our gratitude for reading Alumni News (AN), a newsletter issued by the ICU Alumni Association in March and September.
To make the AN a better publication, may we ask you to cooperate with a short survey on the contents of the AN.
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Interview: new ICU President Shoichiro Iwakiri
Cover story: ICU goes online amid pandemic
Interview: Momi Sako, president of crowdfunding company
Essays by DAY award winners
Alumni association annual meeting held online
New board members of alumni association
Think globally,act locally. : Haruna Takata
A_People: Ann Irie
Major visits: Language education Prof. Handa, Associate Prof. Fujii
From the University: Three campuses, three tales
From the Alumni House
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Q9.Your comments on the latest issue, or anything about AN.
Thank you for your time to answer the questions. There is no confirmation page for your answers.Your answers will be used solely for the purpose of improvement of AN, and feedback from the alumni association on the survey. For handling of your privacy information, please check privacy policy of the alumni association's website. Correction of submission or any other inquiry about the survey, please contact: If you agree with the above, please re-read your answers, check 'I have confirmed' box, and submit. * *
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