The workshop is currently full, but do leave your details if you're interested. Because this is a free workshop, we inevitably get cancellations. Thanks, Dave!
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Do you play games with your classroom or outreach activities? (digital or analog/board games) *
Please describe how you use games with your students.
Just a quick description is fine, but a detailed response is also o.k. You can list some of the games you use for example.
How would you rank your comfort level with using games in an education setting (i.e. a classroom)?
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This workshop will likely lead to the generation of a new resource. Either lesson plans, or possibly work towards a new game-base learning resource (i.e. a game). What type of science topics are you hoping to cover here?
(i.e. this could be a specific unit in one of your subjects, or possibly even a social studies angle that concerns the sciences - note that we are also looking for folks specifically interested in genetics, and/or women in science issues).
Are you o.k. with the material you produce during the workshop being open, shared and possibly edited by others? *
(Note that your name will still always be accredited to the work, even if modified down the road)
Able to stay the whole time (from 9am to 4:00pm) *
(Note that if you don't answer yes, I may give preference to teachers who can definitely stick around the whole time).
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