Domefest 2019 Craft Vending Application
Thanks for your interest in vending at Domefest 2019. Our ideal vendor offers unique items at reasonable prices with a positive attitude. We're looking for friendly, music-loving, team players who will add to our festival's vibe with their exciting offerings that keep people talking about Domefest year-round. We pride ourselves on working closely with our vendors to ensure that everyone does well at the festival and has a great experience across the board. As a result, many of our vendors return the following year, which is music to our ears.

We're highly selective with our craft vendors, so please fill out this application asap and provide as much information as possible to be considered. Please double-check that you'll be able to attend before submitting this application:

DOMEFEST @ Marvin's Mountaintop in Masontown, WV
Setup: Wed May 15, 2019 (strictly vendors and staff only)
Festival: May 16-18
Breakdown: Sun May 19 (strictly vendors and staff only)

Please give us ample time to consider your application. If we're interested, we'll email you with more information including plot sizes and payment options. Please only submit one application and direct all vending questions to (please don't email us asking if we got your application; we will reach out if interested).

We appreciate your patience and hope to see you at the 10th annual Domefest no matter what :-)

There's no place like DOME!!

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Please attach (up to 10) pictures of your products AND typical vending setup here. If you have difficulty attaching them, you can email them to, but we strongly prefer seeing them here.
Do you NEED to camp and/or park behind your booth during the festival? Some of our highly trafficked vending spots have limited space behind the booth. *
How much power do you require? Describe what you'll need powered. We request that all of our vendors use LED-only lighting to conserve power. *
What are your usual hours of operation at music and camping festivals?
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Other festival experience? How did it go? Other events?
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