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Please ensure you take the time to complete the required details to list on Flooz.Trade - if some of the application details aren't completed as required it may mean we're unable to process your application.

Please note, we're experience a high demand for listings.
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Please note, listings will apply to both Flooz.Trade and the Flooz Wallet.
Do you want to expand into African markets?

Flooz is expanding into African markets, we events in Ghana and Nigeria, we'll use influencers and affiliates to promote your token to attendees. If you'd like to take part all we need is some tokens to airdrop to the attendees.
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Simply add the Flooz Swap AND our logo as a partner onto your website, and we'll give you a shoutout in our weekly newsletter to over 50,000 subscribers.
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Channel addresses are not accepted as a point of contact. Without a direct point of contact we won't progress the application to list on Flooz. 
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