HCC Home Worship Post-Service Survey 曉士頓中國教會居家主日崇拜指南問卷調查
Name 姓名
Email Address 電郵
Please check that which applies to you 請選擇適當的選項
Which language worship guide did you use? 您使用了哪一個語言的居家崇拜指南? *
Whom did you worship with during Home Worship? 您與誰一齊進行了居家崇拜? *
How did you conduct the musical worship portion? 您使用什麼方式來唱詩? *
If someone in your group led with an instrument, who led? (English Home Worship only)
How long was your Home Worship? 您們用了多長的時間進行家庭主日崇拜? *
What did you find enriching about Home Worship? 對於居家主日崇拜,您的得著是什麼?
What were some challenges faced during Home Worship? 在進行居家主日崇拜的時候,您是否有面對什麼挑戰?
If you have any additional comments, please leave them below. 如果您有其他的想法或建議,請在下面留言。
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