Volunteerism is one of the greatest backbones of nonprofit organizations. It takes only people with passion and enthusiasm to bring out their time, resources, energy, talents, skills and experiences for a good cause.
Human trafficking is one of the major causes that need more volunteers. (Volunteer means anyone that passionately and willingly gives his/her time, resources, energy, ideas, experiences, and talents to the promotion of a good cause). There is an urgent need for passionate and creative people to join us put an end to human trafficking and other related matters. Reuben Bulka said, “If we don't stand up for this and these atrocities continue to happen, we can't justify ourselves, and we can't explain to our kids how we were silent when this thing happened.” It is in our hands to end human trafficking.

There are over 27 million victims of human trafficking worldwide and over 875, 500 victims are Nigerians. 80% of the victims are young people, and 70%+ are women and girls,

Devatop Centre for Africa Development will utilize the power of volunteerism in building a nation without human trafficking, gender-based violence, gender inequality, and other related matters.

Volunteers are defined by action, not by registration. Hence, registration is not enough to make you a volunteer. What makes you a volunteer is your commitment and actions towards combating human trafficking.

Our volunteers can work/serve from any part of the world.

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8. As a volunteer you have to join a unit to identify your role. The unit will enable us to know the roles you want to play in combating human trafficking. Distance is not a barrier in our volunteerism. You can make a difference from any part of the world you are. Choose your preferred unit from the following(You can choose more than one unit):
(Read thoroughly and be sure you have the skill to serve in any of the units)
9. Optional: Will you like to join our Board of Supporters Against Trafficking in Persons. (Board of Supporters are philanthropists and passionate individuals who give a monthly donation for our anti-human trafficking project, especially The Academy for Prevention of Human Trafficking and Other Related Matters) ? Note: By joining the Board of Supporters, you also subscribe that we will remind you to donate every month.
10. Optional: Mention some of the skills you have
(Skills include: Communication, Fundraising skill, Web design, Photography, Cinematography, Graphic design, art, video editing, etc)
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To combat a crime worth over 32 billion dollars annually, also requires huge funding. "As we get more, we will do more"
Volunteers Against Human Trafficking
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