Teachers stand with students in their call for urgent climate action
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In recent weeks many students in the UK showed their determination to demand action to tackle the climate crisis that threatens all of us and most especially the generation that are currently in school and college.

Their action has put the climate crisis at the forefront of political debate across society.

They have become part of a movement of young people across the globe who are rightly demanding that their politicians urgently take the action needed to tackle the climate crisis and that our education system reflects this priority.

As a generation without a voice in elections, but one for whom the climate crisis will impact the greatest, we commend their willingness to engage in political activity and debate to ensure their voice is heard.

We support the demands of the students and will play our part in ensuring we campaign for a curriculum that reflects this priority.


Members of the NEU Executive:

Alex Kenny
Warren Chambers
Jess Edwards
Colleen Johnson
Tamsin Honeybourne
Nicky Downes
Simon Clarkson
Helen Porter
Gawain Little
Jerry Glazier
Robin Bevan
Jon Reddiford
Debs Gwynn
Louise Atkinson
Chris Dutton
Lucy Phillpot
Mairead Canavan
Karen Williams
Anne Swift
Nick Wigmore
Louise Atkinson
Sally Kincaid
Dawn Taylor
Julia Neal
Emma Mort
Katie Lindenberg
Simon Murch
Hazel Danson

NEU members, other teachers and education staff:

Suzanne Jeffery (NEU member, Chair of the Campaign against Climate Change trade union group)
Phil Park, NEU member
Kathleen tripp, NEU member
Calum Rennie May, NEU rep
Phillip Gillingham
Amy Fletcher, NEU member
Amanda Bentham, NEU member
Ele Lamb, ELTA NEU
David Mason, ATL Associate
Julie Renyard, NEU member
Angela Sandles, NEU Supply Officer
Liz McLean, NEU District / Branch Secretary for Denbighshire
Greg Beesley, NEU member
Natasha Shears, NEU Joint District Secretary
Tim Padmore, NEU member
Samantha Rogers, NEU Rep
Marieke Dijkstra
Paul Atkin, NEU Health and Safety Adviser Islington
Jack Marsh, NEU rep
Ms Sandra McLeod, Hackney NEU retired member
Ken Muller, Islington NEU Press and Publicity Officer
Penny Foskett, NEU member
Mike Govender
Poppy Bienias, Sustainability and Humanities Lead
Tony Dowling, Membership Sec Gateshead NEU
Matthew Thomas, NEU member
Audrey Glover, Joint Membership Sec. Lancaster and Morecambe NEU
Allan Todd, NEU (Retired)
Leo Nikolaidis, NEU South Glos Young Teachers Officer
Charlotte Owen-Caw, NEU member
Padraig de Cleir
Dave Brinson, Branch Secretary, East Sussex NEU
Greg Jones, NEU Retired Member
Philip Coales, NEU Islington Young Teachers' Rep
Liam Ashby
Ann Boater, NEU member
Esther Wakelin-Stotten, NEU member
Hilary Chuter, NEU committee member, Lancaster and Morecambe District
Pippa Dowswell, President of Islington NEU
Nazmia Jamal, NEU member
Laura Adamson
Lois Lovell, NEU
Michael Wilde, Unite Community Enviro Rep (Retired NUT)
Celeste Datta, NEU rep
Rosemarie Wilson, UCU branch committee City and Islington College
Jim McGinley, NEU
James Kerr, Lewisham NEU Young Member Officer
Naomi Hutchings, NEU member
Richard Clark, NASUWT
Stuart Boothman, NEU Member
Alasdair Smith, NEU H&S rep Connaught School for Girls
Mary Kerr, Equalities Officer, East Kent District
Sue Ward, NEU member
Jay Ginn, Unite, Croydon Branch
Romayne Phoenix
John Welsh
Oliver Pereira, Lewisham NEU Health and Safety Adviser
Andy Stone, Secretary, Wandsworth NEU (approved unanimously at district AGM)
Lynne Emilivna Berezanski, Assistant Secretary Swansea NEU

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