ARMY ROTC Awareness Survey
Survey for Army ROTC to get an understanding of what students at Northwestern State University know about Army ROTC
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Before today, did you know Northwestern State University had an Army ROTC program? *
Did you know that Army ROTC does not have Basic Training or ASVAB requirements? *
Did you know Cadets in the Army ROTC program here do not get deployed? *
Army ROTC helps students meet their physical fitness goals. Did you know that you don’t have to be physically fit to be in the Army ROTC program? *
Did you know you could receive a scholarship from participating in Army ROTC? *
If you could receive full tuition & fees, $600/semester, $420/month & additional money to pay for room & board, would you be interested in that? *
Did you participate in JROTC in high school? Disclaimer: JROTC is not a requirement for Army ROTC. *
Are you currently involved in any organizations (academic, athletic,  faith-based, fraternity & sorority, club sports) on campus? *
Do you feel like you learned something about Army ROTC after completing this survey? *
Would you like to receive more information about how Army ROTC could benefit someone in your major? *
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