Lake Erie Ecosystem Services
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on ecological and economic conditions in the Lake Erie area. There are 7 brief questions in this survey that will take less than 10 minutes to complete. We will be using the survey as a guideline for a set of webinars that focus on economic and environmental issues in the Eastern, Central, and Western Basins of Lake Erie. The webinars will take place sometime in October and we will be sending more details to interested participants regarding dates and times of the respective webinars as they are finalized.

Key-Log Economics and the Lake Erie Foundation are partaking in this research effort to assess, qualitatively and quantitatively, relationships between nature and humans in the Lake Erie region and examine how various stressors, or actions to address those stressors, might affect outcomes of interest to people in the region. These relationships are known as "ecosystem services" and can generally be described as "the benefits that people obtain from nature". We are most interested in filling in critical information gaps that would connect potential changes in land and resource management to the maintenance and improvement of key ecosystem service values. Because the economies and environmental conditions differ across the lake, we are dividing the region into Eastern, Central, and Western Basins of Lake Erie, but are also interested in hearing about issues and concerns across the Lake Erie watershed.

We have begun to put some background information, including a summary of the overall project, on this page:

If you have any difficulty with this form or would like further information about the project, please email or

Sonia Wang & Carolyn Alkire, Ph.D.
Key-Log Economics

Note: We are collecting contact information so that we can stay in touch as the project progresses. We will not share that information or your individual responses to this survey with any party for any purpose.

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