Student Council Fund Request Form (2017-18)
Important things to note:
- Fund requests should be submitted at least one week prior of the purchase.
- Purchases may not be made before receiving approval from the Treasurer.
- All purchases must be made by advisers for reimbursement to be possible.
- After purchasing, a receipt must be submitted to the Treasurer within two weeks. Reimbursements are not possible without the genuine receipt. Reimbursements will not be made for gift cards, food, or club wear.

Any questions about funding can be answered by your club liaison or Darius Hong, Student Council Treasurer (

Name of Organization *
If this is a Grant-A-Hand Request, please name all the clubs involved. If this is a Halls to Teachers Request, please name the involved hall(s).
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Amount of Money Requested *
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Name of Contact Person *
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Describe how this money is being used. *
It the money is being used for an event, please include the date of the event.
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Estimated date of event? *
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Was money for this purpose included on your Year Outlook Form? *
If this is not the case, please explain why and justify the funding.
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What items are being purchased? *
Include price and quantity of item(s) being purchased. Provide links for verification.
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