Speak up for Local Clean Energy in East Bay Community Energy
East Bay Clean Power Alliance (EBCPA) has been advocating for a Community Choice Energy program with a commitment to local clean energy build out in Alameda County. We are holding the East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) board and program to its commitment to provide community benefits such as jobs and infrastructure of local wind, solar, energy efficiency and a reduction in consumption of energy use over time.

In 2016 we advocated and won a Local Development Business Plan which is a study to see how we can produce clean energy jobs and other community benefits through the East Bay Community Energy program overtime. The board of supervisors agreed with us after extensive organizing, alliance building and a unity position with labor. The board allocated $500,000 to this study -- this is so groundbreaking that other cities and counties are watching East Bay Community Energy and anticipating the results of the study. The study is about to be completed in April 2018 and we need our community groups to speak to the board to testify to the importance of making these benefits real to bring Clean Power to the People of the Alameda County.

Save the Date:
Can you commit to speak at the Wednesday, March 21st East Bay Community Energy board meeting 6:00pm during public comment (likely at Hayward City Hall - location to be confirmed)? Please fill out this short form to RSVP to Speak up for Local Clean Energy Development in the East Bay.

To read more about the Local Development Business Plan (LDBP) from East Bay Community Energy check out the website: https://ebce.org/local-development-business-plan/

Clean Power to the People,

Jessica Tovar, Coordinator of the East Bay Clean Power Alliance

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Thank you for supporting local clean energy in Alameda County!
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