Youth Leadership Board Application
What is the Leadership Board?
The Leadership Board is a group of youth leaders (13-24) living in King County, centering (But not limited to) LGBTQ youth and young adults who have experienced violence and homelessness/unstable housing during the course of their lives. The goal of the Leadership Board is to inform The Northwest Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian & Gay Survivors of Abuse on how to improve services for the youth in its programs. Board leaders will be paid $20/hr for their work.

In late 2014, The Northwest Network was awarded funding from the Office on Violence Against Women which created the original capacity to build the Leadership Board. At the time, the scope of the project was to help inform content for the Teen DV Coalition around the region. The reach has since expanded thanks to the persistence of current leaders and to the award NWN just received from the Best Starts for Kinds levy. The Leadership Board will participate more regularly in advisement as well as in skill-building for our programs!

You are eligible to apply if you have participated in OutSpoken, received a Love+ training, been on the Leadership Board before, participated in the YAB for King County, received direct service advocacy support, met the Northwest Network at Drop-In, or been a student in a GSA that we facilitate.

How do I know if my experiences with unstable housing/homelessness or violence qualify me for the board?

Though we are prioritizing young people who have experienced homelessness/unstable housing and violence, all young people will be considered regardless of your experiences. We are defining homelessness/unstable housing as any period having difficulty staying in the same place. And, we are defining violence as bullying, harassment, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, family violence, sexual violence.

If these are not your experiences, you should still apply! This program is for anyone seeking to build skills in advisement and programmatic design. It’s also a program for folks who want to become more pronounced leaders in your communities!

How will my information be used?

The information in this application will be kept confidential; it is our intent to only use submissions to determine the make-up of the Leadership Board – in either this round of board member selection or in future rounds. Your personally identifiable information will not be shared outside of the Northwest Network or the Leadership Board.

How will I know if I’m selected?

Once final decisions are made all applicants will be contacted whether or not you were selected. Those selected for the Leadership Board will be contacted with the details about the position and to explain what involvement will look like. If you are not selected, we will send an email to notify you. That email will also include other incredible leadership and employment opportunities in your area.

How do I get paid?

Youth are paid $20/hr for their participation in the LB. Our primary method of payment will be by paycheck, distributed once per month. Paychecks will be mailed out on the last day of every month (usually taking 3-7 business days to arrive). In order to receive a paycheck, we will be asking people to complete W-9s. These are contractor forms and will require your full legal name and social security number. Please reach out and contact Noor at 206-568-7777, if you have concerns about your ability to complete a W-9.

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