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If you've opened this page it means that you're keen helping us with this podcast, which is awesome!!
But it's our duty to give you some bad news first: since this is a huge project, there is a long document you must read completely before joining us.
We know that this is quite boring, but if you want to help us you have to understand our structure and how we work in the first place.
Finally, we only accept people younger than 28, who are still in school, university or work-schooling.

If you go back to our Website, you will find the document you have to read right above this form.
It is important that you read the full document, otherwise you won't be allowed to join!

If you have already read the document, please insert all your details below! If you don't want to insert your details in a google Form, please write us an email ->

When you will have submitted the Form, we will send you a link to allow you to join our Communicating Sever.
Please Check your email about 24h after submitting the form. We know it's quite a long time, but please don't submit the form twice!

Can't wait to work with you! We'll love to have you on our team!
See you soon!

PS: we will use your data exclusively to contact you, and won't give it away. However, your Name, Age, Country, City, Tree will be accessible to the entire podcast team and your E-Mail Address and number will be used by the Orga of the Podcast who is managing everything including the registration
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Please click on the Trees you want to join. Note you can only join up to 3 trees and if you click Orga you won't be allowed to join any other team. (Atm we do not need anymore English Check!) *
I agree that my Data is used inside of the Podcast Team. Meaning that (Name, Age, Country, City, Tree) will be visible to the entire podcast team and (E-Mail Address and phone-number) to the Orga of the Podcast who is managing everything including the registration. If you do not click yes you sadly won't be able to participate since we won't be allowed to send you the email to join our working space *
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