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B.Tech. Aeronautical Engineering
B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering
B.Tech. 3D Animation Engineering
B.Tech. Automation & Robotics
B.Tech. Automobile Engineering
B.Tech. Bio-Technology
B.Tech. Chemical Engineering
B.Tech. Civil Engineering
B.Tech. Computer Engineering
B.Tech. Computer Science Engineering
B.Tech. Construction Engineering & Management
B.Tech. Electrical & Electronics Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics & Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering & Industrial Control
B.Tech. Electrical Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics & Communication Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics & Computer Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics & Telecomm. Engineering
B.Tech. Electronics Engineering
B.Tech. Food Technology
B.Tech. Industrial Engineering
B.Tech. Information Technology
B.Tech. Instrumentation & Control Engineering
B.Tech. Marine Engineering
B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering
B.Tech. Petrochem & Petroleum Refinery Engineering
B.Tech. Production Engineering
B.Tech. Textile Engineering
B.Tech. Tool Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Business Administration(Retail Management)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Rural Development)
B.Com (E-Commerce)
Bachelor in Computer Applications
B. Sc. (Animation & Multimedia Technology)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Airlines, Tourisms and Hospitality)
B. Sc. (Bio-Technology)
B. Sc. (Fashion Technology)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Hotel Management & Catering Technology)
B. Sc (Information Technology)
B.A .(Journalism and Mass Communication)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Media Entertainment & Film Technology)
B.Sc.(Medical Lab Sciences)
B. Com (E-Commerce)
B.A. (Mass Communication)
B. Sc. (Food Technology)
B.Com. (E-Commerce)
B.Com. (Professional)
B.Sc.(Computer Science)
B.Sc.(Fashion Design)
B.Sc.(Textile Design)
B.Sc.(Fashion Design Knits)
BBA (Sales, Marketing, Advertising and PR Management)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Service Industry)
BBA (Events Management)
B.Sc. (Home Science Nutrition and Dietics)
B. Sc. (Catering & Culinary Arts)
BBA ( Business Economics)
B.Sc. (Agriculture)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Mobile Computing and Internet)
Bachelor of Management Studies (Health, Spa and Resort)
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