Registration BACKUP LIST@ Volunteer Living Village 2019
Hello Villager, we are very glad that you want to register as a volunteer, want to connect with each other and to help creating this festival. Together we can make a fantastic Living Village 2019.

Building up starts on 3 June 2019, the festival is 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23 June 2019.
We open the campsite on Tuesday 18 June 15:00. The campsite closes on Monday 24 June at 12:00.

We would love to carry the festival together with you and then leave the place in her natural peace and beauty. We offer access including camping and provide meals on the days that you volunteer.

By completing this form you also agree with the mutual agreements. What this is all about is that we can count on each other once we have said "yes" that you are running your services and we give you access to festival and camping. Food and drinks are present for you on the days that you are running a service !!

We think it is very important that you understand the vision of the Living Village Festival so that you, along with the rest, propagate this to everyone who comes. Share the vibe and share your heart !!

After filling in you will receive a copy of the form at the email address that you fill in below !!! Important !!! Through this email address we will keep in touch, if you do not receive confirmation after filling in and sending this form, please contact us at

At the moment we are busy offering all volunteers a place. We will contact you before the 13th if there is a spot left for you.

It is still possible that volunteers sign out due to illness / circumstances. So if you want to volunteer. Register for the backup list with good contact information.

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This registration form is only for Volunteers.

Pass the questions per page. Questions without asterisk can be skipped if it is not relevant.

We would really like to know if you were a volunteer last year.

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We'd love to hear if you helped out as a volunteer last year. If you helped as a volunteer last year, who was your coordinator and / or possible reference. You can enter this below.
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