PokeMC Ban Appeal
Be sure to fully read the Discord and Server Rules before making an application.

- Only the person who was banned may appeal! Do not appeal on behalf of another player.
- Don't lie in your appeal - we have proof and it will seriously affect your appeals chances
- Stay polite and mature about this - being rude will get you nowhere
- Do not post anything unrelated to the ban appeal (aka stay on topic)
- Do not make personal attacks
- Do not troll (obviously)
- You may request to see the proof which lead to your ban, but it is at the Ban Committees discretion.
- We will contact you via Discord to provide you with the verdict of your appeal.

Enter your Minecraft Username *
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What date were you banned? If you don't know, just make a guess. *
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What did you do wrong? *
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Why was it wrong? *
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Why do you think you should be unbanned? *
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Anything else you wish to share? including any other rule breaking? *
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By marking the checkbox labelled "I understand and agree" below, you certify that the information provided is accurate and truthful, and acknowledge that misuse of this form may result in loss of privileges, including your right to play on the server. We deal with every report professionally and to a high standard, and we don't appreciate fake or misinformed ban appeals.
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