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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the East Point Peace Academy!!! As a small organization relying on the Gift Economy, Emergence (we respond to what calls us moment by moment), and dedicated to staying small, we are so grateful to those who are willing to help us as voluntees. Please fill out this short form so we can get to you know you and your gifts better!!!

In full transparency, we are still in the process of building a system that will enable volunteers to be meaningfully involved with us on a regular basis - so it might take us a while to get in touch - but we will at some point!

Please let us know if you have any questions at info@eastpointpeace.org. Thank you again!!
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These are just some of the skills that we are often times in need of. However, we would love to try to match your interest and vocation with our needs. Please tell us whatever ways you would like to be involved. CHECK ALL THAT APPLY.
Which of these skills bring you most alive when you offer them freely? (For example, you might be great at website design but feel best when you get compensation for it, and on the contrary, love to manage social social media without compensation).
Please share with us anything about what you selected (if any) above, including relevant experience, links to samples of your work (especially important for graphic designers - you can also email samples of your work at info@eastpointpeace.org), or any other thoughts on how you would like to support our work.
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