OCDA Children's Honor Choir Participant Recommendation Form
This form is to be completed by the recommending teacher or instructor to nominate a student for the OCDA CHC. Students should currently be in grades 4-8 with unchanged voices. Recommending teachers/instructors must be OMEA and/or OCDA (ACDA) members. If you have questions about this form, please email: ocdachc@gmail.com or visit www.ohiocda.org/interests/childrenschoir.
Recommending Teacher Information
Please provide current contact information in case there are any questions about your nominated students.
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Sponsoring school or organization *
List the name of your school district, building, and/or organization.
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ACDA or OMEA Membership Number *
Select which organization membership number you are providing.
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Which Satellite rehearsal will your singers most likely attend? *
Students will select which satellite rehearsal location they can attend when they register, however, it is helpful to have preliminary numbers for planning purposes.
Singer Nominations
You may nominate up to 8 singers. Singers must be able to match pitch and be musically mature enough to enjoy an intensive rehearsal experience while at Otterbein University. Singer rank is determined by you - please rate your singers according to most musically and emotionally mature (1) to least musically and emotionally mature (8).
Singer First Name *
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Singer Last name *
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Student Gender *
Current Grade in School *
Voice part that you prefer this student sing: *
Singer Rank (within your total nominations)
Does this student need financial assistance in order to participate?
Assigned Chaperone
Include the name of the chaperone from your organization that will be assigned to this student.
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Parent/Guardian's Name *
Please provide first & last name.
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Parent/Guardian Phone Number *
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Alternate Parent/Guardian Phone Number
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Parent/Guardian Email Address *
This is required for online registration of the student. If a parent email is not available please use the recommending teacher's email address so that the link for online registration can be sent.
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