Poland Central School District Request for Services through Herkimer BOCES: Arts in Education and Enrichment
NOTE: School districts make reservations and arrangements; BOCES makes contracts and payments.

This process often takes 6-8 weeks so you must fill out this form well ahead of the program date. Curriculum supporting material is required before the request is approved.

Deadline for requests is the last day of school in April of that school year. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!!!

IMPORTANT: Consultants are allowed to have contact with students only when a district employee is present. Your submission of this form indicates that your school personnel understand this, and that consultants in your school will not be asked to violate this rule.

Cancellations: It is the district’s responsibility to notify the Office of Enrichment (enrichment@herkimer-boces.org or 315-867-2077) immediately, if for some reason the event is cancelled or does not occur as scheduled. We will process payment unless we hear otherwise from you. Your submission of this form indicates your awareness, on behalf of your district, of our cancellation policy.

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(Pre-K alone is not eligible for aid through the Arts-in-Ed/Enrichment CoSer and will therefore be denied. Please consider inviting Kindergarten/other grade levels to participate in the event in order to receive aid.)
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Payment: BOCES is in charge of payment -- do not pay consultant directly.
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How will you prepare your students for this program/visit?
How will you follow up this program/visit with your students?
*** New York State Education Department requires schools to show that Arts-in-Education and Enrichment Activities are integrated into the curriculum in order to be BOCES-Aidable. You must include appropriate standards that relate to your activity in order to be approved for Aid.
Check all standards that relate to your activity below.
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