Cyb(H)er Career Launch 30-Day Intensive Program
Application for Cyb(H)er Career Launch 30-Day Intensive with Candace Williams
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What specific goals do you hope to achieve in your cybersecurity career, and how do you see our program helping you reach these goals?
If you are currently working in cybersecurity, please describe your role and responsibilities. How long have you been in this field?
Can you share an experience where feedback or coaching significantly impacted your personal or professional growth? How did you apply what you learned?
Describe a situation where you had to learn a new skill or concept that was challenging for you. How did you approach this challenge, and what was the outcome?
How do you feel about working in collaborative environments? Can you provide an example of a collaborative project or experience and your role in its success?
Where do you see yourself in the cybersecurity field five years from now, and what steps do you believe are necessary to achieve this vision?
What do you believe is the biggest challenge that'd potentially hold you back from reaching your five-year vision?
The "Cyb(H)er Career Launch" is a 30-day Intensive program requiring dedication and consistent effort. How do you plan to allocate time for this program to ensure you can fully engage with and benefit from it?
Why do you want to join the "Cyb(H)er Career Launch" program specifically, and how does it align with your values and aspirations in cybersecurity?
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