Advance Civil Disobedience Leadership Training
The Goal is this training is to build a trained community that can fight effectively for social justice without endangering people in our community.

Please Answer the following questions. These answers will be used to inform the create of this training, send out reminders about the training and to get a count for the number of dinners we should provide.

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On February 24th at First Congregational Church (1000 S. Cooper St.) we will be hosting three advanced civil disobedience trainings. Please check all of the trainings you would like to attend:
Memphis Activism Calendar's goal is to strengthen and unify the Memphis Social Justice Community. Valuing the work of community organizers in Memphis, we hire them as trainers to support the passing down of community organizing tools. We ask that you consider a donation of $25 or more. All funds will help with future trainings and workshops by the Memphis Activism Calendar. Please indicate below how much you can donate.
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Please indicate what you is your end game for attending this training. The trainers will use this information in creating the training agendas.
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What is your experience with civil disobedience actions? Please list any relevant experience.
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