Saint Paul School: Before & After School Care Program
Dear Families,
We are very pleased to welcome you to the Saint Paul School Extended Day Program. For 7 years, we have witnessed that this program has benefits for your child(ren) beyond the expected safe, familiar and fun care that supports your family needs and schedule. It is a joy to see this program grow as another wonderful opportunity for our students to build close friendships with children from all grades.

STAFFING: Staffing for our program is limited to a few individuals. Our primary caregiver, Mrs. Matton, is there each morning and afternoon. Each afternoon, there will also be a second caregiver. These individuals work on a rotating basis; therefore, it is likely you may see different faces on different days. Each staff member is thoroughly qualified and prepared, and you will recognize many of them, as they teach at Saint Paul School during the school day.

HOMEWORK / STUDY HOUR: Students in grades 2-8 attending Extended Day will focus on their studies the first hour after school. Our staff will be responsible for assisting students with homework in a separate room to ensure a quiet setting. This hour gives the students an opportunity to complete homework before participating in the fun and activities available in the program.

CLOTHING & FOOD ALLERGIES: Please keep in mind that the daily activities are varied and the children may go outdoors at times. For their comfort and well-being, please make sure they are dressed appropriately for the weather and the season. Also, please be sure to send an extra drink and snack. Therefore, it is important for us to know if there are any foods you would prefer your child not to have or if they have any food allergies. Sometimes the students may engage in cooking projects and oftentimes, there will be treats, so we will need to know right away if there are any foods we need to avoid.

DROP-IN USE: If you are interested in Drop-In use, please register below and, if you call the same day of the requested service, please call Mrs. Holly Breen in the Main Office at 781.749.2407.

The program concludes at promptly 5:45pm, and we trust that you will make every effort to be punctual in picking up your children.

Please let me know if there are any other questions, or you need any additional information. It is going to be a fantastic year, and we are so glad you will be with us.

Ms. Lisa M. Fasano, Principal
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