Diesel Dad Mentorship Survey
Which came first?

The 20-40 pounds of additional body fat or the low testosterone?

Is it the chicken or the egg?

The largest indicator of low testosterone in men, 35-45 years old is being overweight.

A study conducted by Harvard Health found that a 4” increase in waist size increases your chances of having low testosterone by 75%.

What is a 4” increase in your waistline?

It is 20 pounds.

We know this because inside our premium coaching program, the Diesel Dad Mentorship, every client that loses 20 pounds also loses 4” on their waistline.

It is clockwork.

If you have 40 pounds to lose, that is 8” on your waistline, and a nearly 100% guarantee you suffer from low testosterone.

The Diesel Dad Mentorship is specifically designed to help busy dads lose 20-40 pounds by using the 5 Step R.A.P.I.D. System to support natural testosterone production without drugs, doctors, and destructive diets.

What is the R.A.P.I.D. System?

R - Raw Data: Your lifestyle, training history, nutrition history, sleep, and stressors
A - Analysis: Based on your data we create the most effective and efficient path for you and your goals
P - Personalize: Deliver a comprehensive program designed just for you
I - Integrate: Guide your training, nutrition, and lifestyle by implementing habits to optimize performance and health
D - Dominate: Get you that feeling of pride for smashing your goals"

The survey below is a high level questionnaire to get a snapshot of your current state and future goals.

- Anders, Doug and the crew at Barbell Shrugged
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