Camp Survey
We are looking for feedback about Camp Attawandaron. It should take between 1-2 minutes to complete. Thanks for taking the time to fill out our Survey.

Please pass along the link to the Survey to the leader that attended the camp.

Groups that complete the Survey and include contact info will be entered in a draw to win a prize package drawn Sept 2015. Prize details to be added soon.

1. About Your group *
2. Month of Stay. *
3. Where did you stay *
4. Group Size *
Total size of your group.
5. Was the camp or facilities as you expected? *
Not at all as expected
Exceeded expectations
6. If you used Beaver Building or Burr Lodge, Did it meet your needs??
Did not meet
Exceeded needs
7. If you used a building, did it have the supplies or equipment you expected?
You can skip this if you where tenting only.
Yes and then some.
8. Was the Building or campsite clean? *
9. How where the washrooms? *
The washrooms you used the most
Not good
10. Comments about the buildings you used
Add you comments here
Your answer
11. Hiking Trails..
12. How would you rate the trail system in camp?
13. Other stuff we did at camp.
Please check all the apply
14. Rate your Ranger. *
How was the Ranger?
Where was the Ranger?
15. Comments about the Ranger
Your answer
16. Value for your money *
How do Attawandarons fees compare to other camp sites
Too expensive
Great Value
17. How easy was it to book your stay. *
This includes billing and such.
18. Website *
How is our website
Needs work
19. Comments on website.
Please add suggestions for the website.
Your answer
20. Overall Camp rating *
How was your stay?
21. Will you be returning? *
22. Would you recommend Camp Attawandaron to others? *
23. Other Comments
Please add any other comments here.
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24. Contact me please
If you would like to be contacted about your stay please leave your info here. Enter your email address to be entered in the draw.
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