Distinguished Graduated Nomination Form

The Distinguished Graduate Award recognizes Barrington High School alumni for their outstanding achievements and contributions which provide current students with exceptional role models. Nominees must fulfill the following qualifications:

1. Must be a Barrington High School graduate.

2. Must be an individual who has distinguished themselves for a significant period of time in
their chosen field, over and above the average individual in that field.

3. Must be an individual recognized by their peers in their vocation or avocation.

4. Must be able to set themselves apart by demonstrating a strong interest in and making significant
contributions to community service.
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Name of graduate you would like to nominate (include maiden name when applicable):
Year nominee graduated:
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Please write a short narrative why this person should be considered for this award. Include qualifications, accomplishments, and any additional information that would assist the committee. All information will be held in strictest confidence, including the name of the nominator.
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