Call Educational Space- Sensorium Festival 2020,
Sensorium Festival 12 - 14 June 2020 in Bratislava, Slovakia:

For this 5th edition, we have a special focus on creating a space that brings innovation, arts, creative industries and experimental technology to all types of audiences from the hands of research groups, startups, artists, makers and entrepreneurs.

The Educational Space aims to become a place of encounter for those involved in the future of education: research labs, groups and projects that work at the intersection of arts, innovation, technology and creative industries from all countries of Europe and other continents.

The Educational Space is addressed to creative minds that experiment with technology as a tool from interdisciplinary methods, committed to shape the future developing innovative and creative tools from an educational perspective: from engineers, scientists, artists, programmers, biologists, educators to global platforms, etc.

Through our Educational Space you can connect and engage with a wide audience from different professional spheres, promote your project, test your prototype, find out other related initiatives and introduce your product to potential research partners and investors.

Take part at Educational Space in Sensorium to:
Showcase your work to a wide European and international audience
Test your prototype, project or product: through demos or/and workshops
Establish connections between business and institutions
Make networking with other makers and researchers

Members from the selected projects will be provided with a full pass for the festival, as well as a VIP pass for the networking event happening on Sunday: Central-European Alliance where professionals from the main curatorial and artistic centers and projects in central Europe and abroad will gather together.

Sensorium Festival is a unique point at the heart of central Europe, which connects all sides and faces of the continent through professionals from different disciplines, institutions and backgrounds.
Sensorium Festival is the largest digital arts and culture platform in Slovakia. We are daring active generations to imagine & create their future. The festival brings together an open-minded international community to enhance the level of creative multidisciplinary collaboration and its impact on society through discussion, experiments and showcasing groundbreaking works.
Previous speakers included Karsten Schmidt, Vera Glahn (FIELD), Joachim Sauter (ART+COM), Elliot Woods (Kimchi & Chips), Mario Klingemann, Aleksandra Przegalińska, Stefanie Posavec, Mária Júdová, Jessica In (Bartlett IAL) and many others.
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